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  • Mouthpiece and adapter can be removed from the chamber for easy cleaning
  • Highly visible expiratory valve helps measure breath count and hold
  • Sidestream reusable and disposable nebulizers used with commonly prescribed respiratory medications
  • Mouthpiece design helps patients transition from pediatric facemasks to mouthpiece
  • Inspiratory and expiratory valves open freely


Our portable nebulizer will help you save 17 times of the money than ER treatment. Using this nebulizer machine at home can save more time and get timely relief. This home nebulizer is a good idea for person. Your safety is our responsibility. Your healthy is the top priority. We hope you can gain the happiness, healthy and everthing you are long for.

When you get cold or cough or other respiratory symptoms, you can use this nebuliser with medicine solution. It would be more convenient for you with this nebuliser. Kids are susceptible to colds and virus in the environment. With this nebuliser protected, they can have more happy times. Elderly are prone to respiratory symptoms, it may be difficult for them to breathe sometimes. With the portable nebuliser, they can suffer less and relieve their respiratory symptoms.

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