Portable Steam Iron for Home & Traveling

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1.This hand-held ironing machine is a combination of dry and wet ironing, one-button water spray, all-round ironing of different clothes in the four seasons, so that the clothes quickly become smooth and tidy, without delaying time.

2.It Irons at a constant temperature of 150?, which can instantly smooth out the wrinkles of clothes and iron them quickly and efficiently.

3.The large titanium panel and the tip design of the front section make ironing more comprehensive and efficient without hurting clothes.

4.It can be used for ironing various fabrics, such as silk, nylon, fiber, flannel, wool, spun silk, etc.

5.The integrated design of the transparent and visual water tank and the fuselage makes it easy for you to observe the remaining water volume at any time and add water.

6.The compact machine can be placed in drawers, suitcases and other places, which is convenient for home storage and easy to carry when traveling.

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