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? Improve the absorbency of hair follicles fully absorb plenty of nutrition activate cells fast repair hairy roots that are shrunk or hurt to prompt regeneration of the hairs.

? Combines medical infrared heating, low-power laser and bio-wave to effectively kill bacteria attached on the scalp, stimulating points on the skin of head and accelerate blood circulation.

? Improve hair follicle immunity

Soft laser can effectively stimulate the hair follicle, through continuous inradiation treatment, can be 83% in hibernation of the hair follicle activation, so as to achieve hair growth and prevent hair loss effect.

? Regulating oil secretion function

Many people out of hair oil, will lead to hair loss, oil secretion is mostly due to swelling of the head fat glands, soft laser can make the head fat gland contraction, reduce oil, improve

? Improve hair quality

Regular use of soft laser irradiation of the scalp hair follicle can speed up the growth, and strength the hair itself of the fastening, density and hair elasticity, so that the hair black bright

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