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Instructions for use:
    1. Install 4 AA batteries.
    2. Standby: Hold the base with four fingers of your right hand, put your thumbs naturally on the upper end of the upper cover of the fuselage, and hold the whole machine steadily.
    3. Threading: follow the instructions in the product drawings.
    4. Put the cloth: Use your right index finger to lift the pressure plate, put the fabric to be sewn flat under the pressure plate, and gently put the pressure plate back to press the fabric.
    5. Sewing operation: With the left hand holding the fabric, the right thumb gently and quickly presses down, the cloth feeding mechanism will automatically send the sewing object to the left. The right hand of the machine is gradually moved to the right, and the left hand cloth will be sewn gently with the sewing rhythm. The object moves to the left until sewing ends.
    6. This machine can automatically feed the cloth and adjust the tightness between the stitches.
    7. Change the thread group: If you change the large thread group, you can connect the spare extension rod to the spool shaft and put it into the large thread group. Then rethread the thread, adjust the tightness of the thread and sew it.
    8. Change the needle: Loosen the fixing screw, remove the broken needle, and install the new needle.

Battery?4 * AA(not included)

Packing List?
1×Electric Hand Sewing Machine
1×User Manual

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